How low can media stoop?

Mag's foray into virgin territory deflowers pride

Sarah DiMuro is an aspiring comic/girl Friday who, according to a Jane press release, approached the magazine because she "decided that enough time has been wasted." Jane, for its part, is wasting no time hooking up the blond, blue-eyed young woman, giving her a blog on its Web site - "The Virgin Chronicles" - to detail her exploits. To ensure sufficient material, the site exhorts readers to nominate their bachelor pals as potential dates - and vote on which one will be DiMuro's next companion for dinner and, possibly, the proverbial "more." Would-be suitors are urged to "learn all about her quest and, uh, enter to win. A date, that is."

A 'reality' show to happen? this has to be stopped. doesn't it? decency has just gone out of the door with this magazine 'Jane' and i hope all the staff responsible are unemployed very, very soon.

i know it's a free market, but the publishers will be making money from pimping this woman - and has she learned no common sense during her 29 years?