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    Sex Offender Sues VA to keep his name off web


    Mind-boggling points:
    #1: He molested his sister from the time she was in second grade until she was 14.
    #2: Sister is not afraid to leave HER children with him (as a baby-sitter).
    #3: Their mother says they enjoy a normal brother/sister relationship.

    Yes, I had a few WTH moments while reading this story.

    Question: Why have/should people who have been convicted of incest not be included on sex offender lists? I don't get it.
    In our family, the uncle who molested female relatives did it because they were handy; when they were kept away from him, he moved on to others. Yes, he was prosecuted. No, nothing ever stuck.

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    "The registry would severely damage Mr. Doe's ability to maintain or gain employment, his standing in the community and general livelihood, causing irreparable injury that cannot be compensated by monetary damages." VanLowe would not comment further.

    And the people who care are . . . who?

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    My opinion!

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