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    Dad Breaks Leg Trying to Cure Phobia

    LANTANA, Fla. (AP) -- It seems a father's plan to cure his daughter's fear of heights fell short. Troy Stewart and his 10-year-old daughter were on their daily bike ride about 7:45 p.m. Monday when Stewart, 31, suggested they jump off a 15 foot bridge. Stewart held his daughter Meagan Stewart's hand as they jumped off the bridge into the Intracoastal Waterway, authorities said.

    "At first he said, `Do you want to do it or not?'" Meagan said. "I thought, `It's kind of high,' and then he's like, `Trust me.'"

    Meagan made the jump safely, but her father ended up with a broken leg. She rode her bike half a mile home and told her mother, Mandy Potter. Potter called authorities who found Stewart waiting on the edge of Lantana Bicentennial Park.

    "In his mind, he was playing," Potter, 32, said of her partner of 10 years. "But I don't condone his child's play."

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    Wow. I know this little girls fear is not gonna be cured but I laughed my head off when i read this! can you imagine how foolish he felt?!

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    1. Isn't is illegal to jump off of bridges?

    2. Is he going to be charged with endangering his child? Look at what happened to him. It wasn't exactly safe.

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    Oh, Boy. What a foolish father. Is the daughter still scared of heights?

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    What a stupid thing to do. WTH. I did laugh when I read it though.

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    Since Daddy broke his leg, it would lead one to believe that she has more fear of heights and falling from same and breaking a leg.

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    Again, am I the only one that understands what the male member of the family is trying to do. I learned how to swim, when again as a wee lad, my father threw me out of the canoe we were in. (not know by me at the time was that he was a swim instructor and had a line attached to me). Since then I have been as close to an otter in the water as one can be.
    I realize that I am in a 75% women's forum, but give us men that agree with most of what you think a break.

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