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    Belly-laugh Joke Goes Belly-up In Turkey

    (Turkey, AFP) - A Turkish man was hospitalized with torn intestines after a friend, attempting a practical joke, pressed an air compressor to his backside. The 48-year-old, a worker at an aluminum factory in the central town of Seydisehir, asked a co-worker to clean off the dust from his back with an air compressor, but the colleague instead pressed the device to his anus. The victim underwent surgery, while his colleague was taken into police custody, Anatolia news agency reported.

    Ouch! I think not. Put it in his anus....why did he have his pants down? Who knows

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    Yikes... we have those compressers at our Plant.. they blow dust off the machined parts. Gawd, I will never look at them the same way again.

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    OMG. ouchhhh. air compressors can be so strong they can rip apart the guys pants. Well I think it cured his buddy of practical jokes. Now to stop my husband from doing them, hmmmmmmmmmm

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