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    Teen athlete accused of high-fiving foes with tack

    Teen athlete accused of high-fiving foes with tack

    September 25, 2006

    LAYTON, Utah -- A 15-year-old high school football player faces simple assault charges for putting a thumbtack in his glove before shaking hands and high-fiving players from a rival school, authorities said.

    Link: http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-tack25.html
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    What a jerk!


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    When i played soccer girls often spat into their hand before high-fiving (not on my team of course!). I heard rumors about some guys scratching themselves before doing it.

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    Lol I will never forget a basketball game I played in 7th grade. I was a bit of an aggressive player but not to the point that many exaggerated I was. At any rate, I was known for stealing the ball from people. About half the time I had a foul called on me for it but I still scored many points. In this particular game, a girl had fallen down. There was some concern and a bunch of people ran over to her. When she got up and started walking again, I applauded. I always was told that you applauded when injured people got up and walked again. *shrug* I thought it was good sports etiquette to applaud their willpower. About 10 minutes later, another girl was driving to the basket after stealing it from my team and went falling face first. Even though I was 10' at least from her, they called a technical foul on me. I started to get rather irate then and to appease the screaming parents (I swear on my life I was nowhere near this girl nor did I cause her to fall), my coach benched me. I proceeded to cheer my team on from the bench and of course I got in trouble again for that. (Again, I just was yelling "Go Vicki!", "get the ball!", things like that...) I got a warning and sent to the stands for that. The game finally ended and since it was Catholic League, we lined up to shake hands afterwards. Well, the girl who got the technical called on me took a swing at me! I guess from years of taking karate I had pretty good reflexes and I ducked fast. She ended up hitting the girl behind me. I felt so bad because the girl Erin was the quietest, nerdiest girl you could imagine. The girl got suspended for the rest of the season though!

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