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    David Race Bannon a fraud

    David Race Bannon. He was an expert on the international child sex trade, a ’secret agent’ for Interpol, wrote a book about his experiences called Race To Evil, and was a celebrity on the am talk-radio circuit.

    Except that it was all a lie. His name was really David Wayne Dilley, he never worked for Interpol, he never rescued children from the sex trade - everything he said about himself was a lie. He has been convicted of criminal impersonation:


    It's sad and tragic that there are con-artists out there making a living by fraudulently portraying themselves to be professional investigators of missing persons, child pornography rings and the child sex trade.

    If you had occaision to come across information on these subjects by "David Race Bannon", you need to know that he was a fraud and his information was worthless.

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    Here's another one, although this guy might be more of a hypocrite than a fraud:


    A prominent child pornography hunter is lured into revealing his own dirty secrets
    The Copenhagen Post
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