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    Students egging it out

    The local tradition of “egging” during homecoming week might be fun for some, but it could cost vehicle owners thousands to repair damage to car finishes.

    Athens police say they are getting numerous complaints about this activity and are taking each complaint as a possible act of vandalism.

    If you think egging is harmless fun, hurting only the egg-buyer’s pocketbook, think again. It’s a problem in communities throughout the United States and Canada. The Web site Finishing.com carries a discussion forum about the destructive results of this activity.

    On May 8, Jerry Nale of San Antonio, Texas, wrote into Finishing.com complaining:

    “I think anyone who throws eggs at someone’s car is a punk who needs to be disciplined severely. Community service is not enough. They need to be arrested if found. My daughter’s 1991 Mustang with a black paint job, that she worked very hard for, has a ruined hood because of a loser kid that has no respect for other people’s property.”

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    ahhh.....that brings back memories---we did the same thing but we were much younger---about 12 years old---In pleasant suburban Conn----We went to the supermarket and thought,let's egg a car---One afternoon,about 5 of us let this one car have it---many eggs hit the side of the car,we had good aim,after all we were all star little leaguers--we took off--we thought it was funny---then the cops showed up--yikes--cop got out and asked us were we the ones---suddenly feeling sheepish,we said yes---He then gave us a lecture,saying it was dangerous to the driver,and causes damage to the car---we listened,then apologized---we never did it again--our parents never knew--lesson learned

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