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    Fourpeaked Volcano stirs after 10,000-year slumber

    Alaska Volcano Observatory scientists confirmed this week what earlier photographs of steam plumes coming from near Cape Douglas suggested: Fourpeaked Volcano has become active after last erupting more than 10,000 years ago. Scientists are saying the volcano, about 100 miles southwest of Homer, is no longer extinct.


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    Thanks for posting this! I used to live in Cordova AK. I also lived in Anchorage for awhile. I was actually in Anchorage when a previous eruption occurred-diff volcano, of course. But-I will never forget it. I was in a department store and they shut the store down and told people to go home. It was raining ash. Very frightening!

    I will keep an eye on this one-as my family still lives in Alaska.
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    Hope the volcano is just letting off a little steam and not ready to do a Krakatoa.
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