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    Hero pooch

    Hero pooch is inducted into Hall of Fame
    Fifteen-pound dog named Teddy Bear chases off armed intruder

    BENTON, Ky. A 15-pound pooch that fended off an intruder to defend its owner has earned a spot in the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association's Animal Hall of Fame.

    Teddy Bear, a 4-year-old Pomeranian owned by Leslie Ferguson, 24, bit an armed robber in April and created enough of a distraction that Ferguson could escape to a neighbor's house. The dog was inducted into the association's Hall of Fame on Saturday.

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    Awww, this would have gone in news that makes you smile for me! What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing, graybar.

    It reminds me of my little pooch at home. He won't even let my husband tickle me because he thinks he's doing something bad to me to hurt me!

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    Those little dogs are the fiesty ones. Good job Teddy!!

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    Maybe we should get this kind of dog, our current dog sleeps a lot.

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    That's great. I always tell people that you never need to "train" a dog to protect you. You'll be surprised what they will do for you in your moment of need...even a little pomeranian Great story!

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