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    Lake County Sheriff Dies The County That Trenton Duckett is missing from.

    Lake County's Sheriff Chris Daniels died Saturday night during an accident at a charity event in Volusia County.

    Sheriff Chris DanielsSheriff Chris Daniels was killed at the New Smyrna Speedway Saturday night during the 5th annual Battle of the Badges event.

    In the event, top law enforcement officers from Central Florida race school buses to raise money for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, hosted by Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson.

    Daniels was celebrating his 47th birthday and competing with other area sheriffs in the event

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    Oh, MY....this is awful. That poor man and his poor family.

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    Terrible news and on his birthday...very sad for his family.

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    This is sad news indeed .. Prayers for this man's family and loved ones

    This post is my opinion only, and is subject to making me look totally confused

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    How awful. It says he was just remarried in July and leaves 3 children and a stepdaughter. It also says he was a very compassionate sheriff.

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    Very sad indeed; BUT I can't help but feel that it was an incredibly STUPID event to start with and am surprised a Sherrif's Department would be participating in such a dangerous event to start with. Aren't they well aware of the dangers of racing?!!! Don't they see enough accidents without setting up events likely to cause more? Shame on the school district as well!

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    Sheromom....I thought the exact same thing! It was and IS an incredibly stupid event!!! A reporter got injured in the same event just last year, and they STILL think it's a good idea to put this thing on??? Honestly, for the life of me, I cannot even fathom LE or rescue personnel in my state staging and participating in such a ridiculous production! What were they thinking!!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID!

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