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    OK - Faith Van Nortrick, 41, Sallisaw, 7 Aug 2004

    She was a good mother, her son said, until about 10 years ago. That's when everything changed.

    Now the family of Faith Van Nortrick is trying to find their missing mom and daughter.

    Her son, William Felter, 29, said, "She was all right until I was about 19 or 20. Then she changed."

    Faith Van Nortrick, Felter said, became schizophrenic, and in 2004 she walked away from home in Hitchcock, Texas. The last place she was seen was in Sallisaw, where she was arrested on suspicion of being intoxicated. But police found she was not drunk, and she was released shortly after her arrest on Aug. 7, 2004.

    No one has seen her since.

    "She wasn't drunk," Felter said. "She doesn't like liquor."

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    From the links above:

    After she was booked, the police discovered that Van Nortrick was not, in fact, intoxicated. They contacted her family to come get her, but none of Van Nortrick's relatives were able to pick her up, so she was released and left to fend for herself.
    Wow...that is so sad! Did her famliy "write her off", or was it unfortunate timing and she was released before someone could get there to pick her up? If the latter, why didn't LE let her stay until her ride could get there? Why was the family looking for her in 2006 (2 years later), IF they wrote her off? Guilt? Nostalgia? Questions about hereditary medical issues? What?!?

    I don't understand family (and true friends) not looking out for each other. Also, seems like any good friend or neighbor would help someone out with picking her up from jail.

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    The thread title is wrong. She is missing from Sallisaw, Oklahoma... not Texas.
    ...Always remembering the missing...

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