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    Bus driver saves choking child

    A school bus driver will be honored for her heroism next week after she saved a child’s life with the Heimlich maneuver.

    Bus 17 in Socorro was taking students home from school when one student choked on a piece of candy.


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    Good story.

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    Good thing the bus driver was trained to do the heimlich.

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    Ya know, with so much child abuse and horrific things done to kids these days, at first glance of this story I thought the thread title said "Bus Driver Seen Choking Child". I just scanned the title real quick before I opened the thread, and to my delight it is NOT another horrible story, but a wonderful one!!!

    Bravo to the driver for saving this child!! Also, bravo to the kid for having the frame of mind to immediately go up to the bus driver, because I know that in choking instances it can sometimes make the person choking freeze with fear.

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    Good job!! I don't think people realize what a big responsibility these bus drivers have. A bunch of hyper kids, watching the road, getting them loaded, unloaded, watching for idiots that may hit them....

    I really think the school systems should consider putting a bus monitor on each and every bus morning and evening who can control the kids and the bus driver can drive.

    My point, she must be very alert to have even realized the problem in the first place!

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