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    Texas no longer to instruct students to throw papers and books at gunmen in schools

    School district stops teaching students to attack intruders

    BURLESON, Texas (AP) -- A suburban Fort Worth, Texas, school district has halted a program teaching students to attack a gunman if he invades a classroom, administrators said Wednesday.

    The district will continue to train students in how to respond to life-threatening situations but no longer will show them how to take down an attacker, spokesman Richard Crummel said.

    Robin Browne, an instructor for Response Options, the security company that provided the training, had recommended that students and teachers "react immediately to the sight of a gun by picking up anything and everything and throwing it at the head and body of the attacker and making as much noise as possible. Go toward him as fast as we can and bring them down."

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    Thank goodness that silliness is over!
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    Actually if a gunman thought he would be attacked by everyone in the school he likely would not go there. Though I do think it is dangerous and certainly a law suit waiting to happen to train kids to do that.

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    My nephew is a teacher and this goes on all the time. Students vs. teachers though.

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