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    TN - Jason Thorbon for attempted murder of 2yo son, Knoxville, 2005

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- A Tennessee man who tried to strangle his 2-year-old son in what he said was a sacrifice to God has been sentenced to probation requiring mental health treatment.

    In a deal with prosecutors, Jason Thorbon, 34, of Knoxville pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree murder in the January 2005 incident in which his wife wrestled their son from his grasp.

    Both prosecution and defense expert witnesses agreed Thorbon was legally insane at the time.

    Jennifer Thorbon testified that her husband had battled mental illness for years. She said he would become psychotic and start "talking about God and Jesus and religion."


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    Oh, so if you're crazy, it's okay to try and kill your child?

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    People or should I say animals like this need to be LOCKED UP forever!

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    I used to date a guy whose mother was flamboyantly schizophrenic. She told me that when he was two, she started hearing command voices from God to kill him, that he was the devil, etc. I can't remember now if what stopped her was that she still had a tiny grasp on sanity and told her husband, or if she casually mentioned to her husband before anything could happen. At any rate, she was hospitalized and her baby was safe.

    Very sad and scary

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    Can't he get therapy on a prison psych ward? This guy is truly dangerous.

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    The question here is: Can therapy/medication be forced upon him? I sure hope so.

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