I have received a few concerned PMs about this comment which was posted at Jameson's Webbsleuths and I'd like to put members' minds at rest--

Tricia does not charge fees for membership - - but she does put out a "newsletter" she calls her "Diary of a Mad Crime Forum Owner"
A sampling of the stories? In April, she told her members that Websleuths does have a SECRET FORUM - and if her members subscribed to the newsletter that month, they would be told who could join that private forum - and why it exists. (If I remember correctly, it was set up so they could discuss jameson. Uh huh.)

To Purchase the Newsletter, members have to donate between 5 and 10 each month. They could pay through paypal or by sending a check or money order.

There is plenty of reason to think Tricia has very good files on some of her posters.
That is BS.

  • There is no secret forum at Websleuths. There is an Admin forum where moderators can discuss the running of the forum and there are a few members-only forums which guests can't see but every member can read and post on them.
  • There is no forum which discusses Jameson - we do not encourage that here at all.
  • Tricia did not write any such thing in her news letter - check it out.
  • We neither request not keep any personal information about our members. Our software is set up to reject anonymous e-mail accounts like AOL because we have had problems with trolls in the past, but we do not require any personal information for registration.

The Ramsey forum is not the sum and total of Websleuths. This is a huge board. Hope this clears things up.