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    Term limits upheld for CO DA's

    Under the backed term limits, Boulder County District Attorney Mary Keenan, elected in 2000, could only run in one more election unlike her predecessor Alex Hunter, the county's district attorney for 28 years.


    In the Denver area, only Mary Keenan, of Boulder County can stay in office after this year, because she hasn't served long enough to face the limit yet.


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    One of the great things that is happening as a result of this is Mitch Morrissey is running for Denver DA. This is WONDERFUL.

    Mitch Morrisey, one of three candidates running for Denver district attorney, said he would have instantly dropped out if Ritter were eligible. And Morrisey said he wouldn't have regretted a minute of the hard work he's put into his campaign.

    "Bill Ritter's been my friend for 20 years," said Morrisey, who works for Ritter. "He's recognized by his peers as one of the finest district attorneys in the United States."


    Mitch was one of the prosecutors with Mike Kane during the grand jury who did such an excellent job during that time. It would be wonderful to have him in the powerful position of Denver DA! He has vast knowledge of the Ramsey case and this is a wonderful development!

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