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    Toddler survives for days in cold car with mom's body

    Toddler survives for days in cold car with mom's body.


    A 3-year-old girl spent five days balled up next to her dead mother in a wrecked car after a nasty accident sent their vehicle down an embankment.

    Poor baby and her name is Angel.

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    that is so sad but I'm glad she survived! Tough little girl. Angels were watching over her.

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    That's just amazing...I seen that on the news the other day. Thank goodness she is ok.

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    How horrible for the poor little girl. At least it looks like she has other family members to love her and care for her. I wonder why she didn't get out of the car and try to find help? I wonder if she realizes that her mommy is not just sleeping? I also wonder how she got out of her car seat. Of course, my 3, almost 4 year old can get out of hers, but she couldn't do it just a few months ago. It is truly amazing that she is alive and doing well. I hope that she doesn't have horrible memories of this to last her a lifetime.

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