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    'Zombies' file lawsuit against city of Mpls

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A group of zombies have risen up to claim the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County violated their free rights and discriminated against them.

    The six adults and one juvenile who were arrested while impersonating the undead in July filed their lawsuit Thursday.

    The ragged group were arrested for "simulating weapons of mass destruction" during a dance party near the Minneapolis entertainment district.

    Police alleged that wires protruding from the zombie's backpacks could have been bombs or were meant to imitate bombs. It was later learned the wires were actually radios.

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    The 2 girls parents must be so proud. Why didn't the police just search the bags first before taking them to jail?

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    I love the photos! It sounds like it was a great party (I loves me some zombies...)

    I can understand wanting to know what the wires were, but hauling everyone to jail before you know is just a recipe for disaster.

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