Who knew? Dog personalities are a lot like the characters on "Friends."

Fully one-third of dog owners say their canine's personality resembles the airhead Phoebe, played brilliantly by Lisa Kudrow, according to a pet poll conducted by the American Kennel Club and the Iams Company.

So how do each of the other five "Friends" compare to our dogs' personalities?
  • 23 percent have a dog just like the wise-cracking Chandler.
  • 21 percent say their pooch is a princess like Rachel.
  • 16 percent claim their dog is as flirty as Joey.
  • 12 percent think their canine is an intellectual like Ross.
  • Only 3 percent of dog owners think their mutt is a neatnik like Monica.

The survey also pointed out another odd fact: Fully 87 percent of all dogs watch television. In a groundbreaking observation, the experts at the Iams Company think it's because dogs like to spend quality time with their owners--and it's the owners who are curled up on the sofa watching television.

Nature News reports that Gosling asked dog owners to rate their pet on four different personality traits, all of which have positive and negative extremes:


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