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    Sick girl tossed from school bus

    This happened right in my town. I've had a few issues with our lovely school transportation department, but this one takes the cake, right down to the school administrations reply.


    "Crown Point chool officials apologized Thursday on behalf of a bus driver who made an 8-year-old girl get off the bus after the girl vomited on the ride to Winfield Elementary School. The driver said the vomit was making other children ill, and she thought dropping the girl off with another child's parent at the next stop was the fastest way to resolve the situation, said Superintendent Teresa Eineman."

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    This is why my daughter has had a cellphone from the time she could make a call from one. You can't trust other adults to care for your kids as much as you do. The Mom is upset that the bus driver left her child with a random adult - but in many ways, the bus driver is a random adult too. I'm sure the parent didn't know her personally, merely trusted other random adults who hired her....

    We used to get dumped off if we misbehaved - sometimes miles from your stop. This was in the 80's.
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