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    Information: Cell Phone Pings

    How signal locates you

    When your cell phone is switched on, your network provider knows exactly where you are within 300 YARDS or less.

    When you make a call with your cell phone, its message is picked up by one of the aerials operated by service providers. But even when you are not making a call, your phone is sending out a regular "check" signal. In major cities you will be within range of several phone masts. Computers can compare the signal strength emitted by your phone and the tiny time lags at each aerial, giving the operator several accurate readings. By intersecting the readings from at least three masts, it can be calculated where your cell phone is at any given time.

    This info was provided by this url below in regards to the Imette St. Guillen case.

    New York Daily News:



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    Thanks for that, Samiya. i was just asking significant other exactly how the ping thing functioned yesterday. he didn't know either.

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    Yes, thanks Samiya for that info, also the info on
    ADA Holt. I remember during the peterson trial all the discussion
    about how accurate certain cell towers were.

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    You are right, I work for a wireless company and while I cannot access the depths for legal purposes, one cannot lie etc as the cell site's exact location is accessible as well as now with GPS there is no denying anything.. With technology today, makes me wonder why some people think they can get away with a crime...

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    Thanks Sami,

    The important thing is, the cell phone has to be ON for this to be the case. First line in Sami's post, and people need to realize this.

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