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    Boy Wins, Donates To Cancer

    Dec 18, 2006 3:56 pm US/Eastern

    Boy Wins Back PS3 He Donated To Cancer Raffle

    (CBS4) MANCHESTER, N.H. A New Hampshire boy won the PlayStation 3 he donated to a school raffle. But Nathan Burditt won't be playing with this game. He plans to put it on eBay to raise even more money for two classmates who are battling cancer.

    Stephanie Hudon, 15, is undergoing treatment for bone cancer. Her brother Kevin, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    Teachers and students at Memorial High School in Manchester organized a raffle in early December to help the Hudon family. Burditt donated the PS3 he bought after waiting in line 34 hours.

    The raffle was held Monday and Burditt won the PlayStation 3. It came as a big surprise because Burditt never bought any tickets. Many people who were impressed with his generosity bought raffle tickets in his name.

    Burditt plans to auction off the PS3 on eBay and donate the money to the Hudon family.

    A fund has been established for the Hudon family. Donations for Kevin & Stephanie Hudon will be accepted at any Bank of America.

    ( MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)


    What a great kid and so wonderful to care for others. What a role model for other children.


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    I agree Gonzals. This is the 3rd story of this kind I've heard in less than a week. The little boy in MacDonald's and the teenager who worked at a movie theatre all found money and turned it.

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    what a great kid! His parents have done something right.

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    What a lovely story What a beaut kid.

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    What a sweet child. I swear when I hear things like this they get me all teary eyed. His parents should be VERY proud.

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    I know MANY kids stood in line 30+ hours to get the video games and such, but I can't really figure it. Five minutes in line with their parents and they're complaining. Where do they get the 30+ hours to stand in line from?

    That - is a feat in and of itself, even prior to him being a good kid.
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