A 22-year-old man who opened fire on a Burlington street a year ago was sentenced Wednesday to serve three months in jail, a term the judge said reflected the man's rehabilitation but that prosecutors and police criticized as sending a message of tolerance to would-be criminals.

Paul Farrar, who grew up in Essex and lived in Burlington while attending the University of Vermont, could have been sentenced to six to 10 years, but District Judge Geoffrey Crawford decided to give the young man a second chance.

Prosecutor Justin Jiron said the prison sentence was too short to deter narcotics dealers.

"People who sell drugs may see the risk if you get caught is 90 days in jail," Jiron said, "and they may feel it's a risk worth taking."

Police Chief Thomas Tremblay said Farrar's sentence left him "bewildered."

Mayor Kiss backs lenient drug shooting sentence

Mayor Kiss wants this; click link to read...
Mayor Bob Kiss wants to see Burlington become a "sanctuary city" to provide a safe place for undocumented immigrants to work and live without fear of deportation.