Brazil to deport American for throwing water at crying baby on airplane

A drunken American who splashed a cup of water in the face of a crying baby during a flight to Brazil will be deported, the federal police said Thursday.

Ronald Harry Duffy, 35, had his visa revoked because of disorderly behavior "and was not allowed into the country" after the Miami-Sao Paulo flight Wednesday on TAM Airline, said Wagner Castilho, a federal police spokesman. "He has been ordered deported."

Duffy, whose home was listed only as Pennsylvania, was seated next to a Brazilian couple and their baby.

"Annoyed with the baby's constant crying, Duffy, who was drunk, threw the contents of a cup of water in the baby's face," Castilho said, adding that flight attendants had to "restrain other passengers who wanted to beat him up."

The pilot informed police, and Duffy was detained when the plane landed. The baby's parents did not file charges.

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