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    Iím not sure her failure to clock out is all that significant. I have noticed that it happens a lot with new hires. The mystery blonde, on the other hand, is probably more significant. If Kristen was going to meet someone after work, the mall would have been a reasonable place to meet up.

    If that was Kristen, the failure of the Blonde to come forward would be very suspicious but we donít know if that was really Kristen. The two co-worker, from what I read, were pretty sure it was her. They may have been wrong but I donít see an obvious reason for them to lie.
    One of them was a good friend of JLís ex boyfriend who later went to work at Spinelliís. Is that just too much of a coincidence?.

    I havenít read a full description of the blonde. JL was not bond. It is hard to tell if she would have been credible as a blonde if she wore a wig. I am not aware that there were other women associated with JO at the time.

    The possibility that Kristen went off with a blonde woman she didnít really know who was actually working with a male sexual predator or someone else involved in some nefarious activity is probably the closest anyone has come to an explanation for her. If that is what happened, then JO Might Have been behind it. It is all conjecture. If that isnít what happened; if Kristen just left work, went into the city, and vanished, then the investigation had nothing.

    I still wonder if the possibility of her answering a personal ad was thoroughly explored.

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    Iím not sure her failure to clock out is all that significant either, unless the coworkers had some involvement in thisÖ Or, maybe she was in a hurry to meet somebody at the mall, which would explain why she forgot to clock outÖ With so few clues, this is at least something that could be meaningful

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    Body found in Point Reyes area last year - identified as Annie Bailly

    In the books about profiling written by retired FBI agents there is a lot of mention of criminals inserting themselves into a case. They do it by making phone calls to police, calling in tips, attending funerals, etc. Very often these same people who get involved are ultimately found to be the ones responsible. Let's take JO as a possible example of this. If this is true, the first question I have is how thoroughly were the bridges around Point Reyes Station, CA and Point Reyes National Seashore searched for bodies?! JO specifically mentioned that under a bridge in Point Reyes was where Kristen would be found.

    Here is a link to an article about a February 2017 happenstance discovery of the body of Annie Bailly, a missing woman, whose body was located inside the Point Reyes National Park. Her body was found because of an auto accident that occurred near where she was left. Perhaps there is a link between Annie Bailly and JO or JL. How many other people have been left there? Is Kristen's body near where the caller (JO) stated it would be?


    Incidentally there is a strange history of people disappearing AT Point Reyes National Seashore. Rogue waves are apparently to blame.
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    The only solid (i.e., physical) evidence in this case is the cadaver dog hit in the basement of the rental house Kristen was living in at the time she went missing. If she was murdered (and I believe she was) this points the finger firmly at someone much closer to home.

    Kristen's roommates need to be reinterviewed. Enough time has been lost already.
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