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    CT - Barbara Agnew, 39, Hartford, 10 Jan 1987

    There is nothing to link a serial killer to this and the other murders in the Connecticut River Valley. (link is here for that. Link,17} AGNEW2_PKG)

    WCAX link
    VSP link for Barbara Agnew
    Please contact the Vermont State Police on the link provided with any info.


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    From Vermont State Police Website...

    Circumstances surrounding death:
    Barbara Agnew was believed to have been abducted from the I91 Northbound Rest Area in Hartford on January 10th 1987. Her vehicle was discovered in the rest area, and circumstances suggested foul play. Barbara Agnew’s deceased body was found off of the Advent Hill Road in the town of Hartland on March 28, 1987. The death of Barbara Agnew has been determined to be a Homicide.

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    There is an excellent book about these murders called The Shadow of Death by Philip Ginsburg: Amazon.com: The Shadow of Death: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (9780684194059): Philip E. Ginsburg: Books

    I could not access the link so I'm not sure of the context but are you saying that Barbara Agnew was conclusively not linked to the other murders or that a serial killer was not at work for any of the murders? VT and NH LE have been denying a serial killer link for the past 25 years, but I think it's hard to deny that some of the murders (perhaps not Agnew's) are related to one another.

    Also the heading on this should be VT, not CT.
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    I don't know if anything ever came of it but a man in Grafton made a deathbed confession that he witnessed group of his friends commit this murder. Curiously enough, his account is corroborated by an eyewitness (later dismissed due to issues concerning timeline) who allegedly saw a group of men forcing a woman into a van at the rest stop where Agnew's car was found.

    Furthermore, this wasn't the only case in the CT River Valley series where there was evidence that multiple perpetrators were involved. (Bernice Courtemanche was last seen getting into a white pickup truck with two or three men on North Street in Clairemont.)
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