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    Abducted/Nearly Abducted

    Thought I'd start a new thread about this. It has happened to me twice. The first time, I was in third grade. My sister usually rode the school bus with me, but she was home sick that day. We were a military family, and had only lived in the area a short time. I loved school, and wouldn't have missed a day. Still, I got off at the wrong stop. I sorta knew my way home. But, from this particular stop, I was about 5 blocks away. Nobody else exited with me. There was a man, standing next to a telephone pole, smoking a cigar. I walked on the opposite side of the street. He started following me. He screamed for me to stop. I kept walking. Only, a little faster. Then he started running towards me. I dropped my lunchbox, and threw all my school papers. I started running, and screaming like crazy. I ran, and ran. I finally jumped a fence near my house, and hid out in the neighbor's dog house. It seemed like forever, I waited there. Finally, I heard calls for me. I jumped out, and ran for home. This happened years ago, and it still haunts me.
    The second incident is still too upsetting to discuss. I'm just thankful to still be here today. It involved an aquaintance. The builder of my house. Just be careful everyone. Use your instincts, and do what you have to do.
    Please post your own stories, as it may help save someone else.
    God Bless Us All

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    A Friend Murdered

    She was a beautiful young lady. She was a freshman in college. Her washing machine had broken, so she went to the local washeteria, a block away from the local police station. It was about 10:00 at night. Her boyfriend was playing at a local pub, right across the street. I can still see in my mind, the yellow police tape surrounding her car, in the parking lot. Apparently, she put up quite a struggle...laundry detergent, her purse contents spilled out. They did find her body. Sad day. Her brother, and father had to identify her. She was found in a creek bed. Turtles had devoured her eyes out. The duct tape surrounding her hands helped catch her killer. It was someone who worked where she did. Her brother tried to bring a gun into the courthouse, but was stopped, and charged. Her family always says they wished they would have bought her a washer. The boyfriend still plays local venues. Hard to believe this happened in such a small town.

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    Gut Instinct

    This happened several years ago, when I was a young teen. So was my sister. My sister had a gift for playing tennis. The local tennis courts were out. away from the city limits. Sorta like in the country. My mom used to load a bunch of us up, and take us out there to play. It also has like a park/recreational area for picnics and such. We were all on the tennis court, and I noticed this strange man staring at us. Moving closer, and closer to where we were. I freaked. I don't know why, and told mom we needed to leave NOW. Sis was pissed, but we left. Two days later....same place...a gunman shot and killed a beautiful young woman and paralyzed her boyfriend who where innocently having a picnic there. He raped them both. Broad daylight. I don't know what, if anything they could have done differently. The killer is in prison. Death row. Hope he gets there.

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    Atlanta Braves Game

    To save a few bucks, my sis, her sorority sis, and a KA parked in someone's yard a few blocks from the stadium. It was a night game. After the game, they were walking back to the car. Two unidentified black men approached them, robbed them, and sent the male walking to the bushes. They then jumped into the car and took the women's jewelry. They were just starting to physically assault them, when another car's headlights scared them away. So, it's not always safe "in numbers."

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    North Carolina
    This happened a few years ago. I am a young mother of four boys, which is exhausting in itself, but on top of that I was working two jobs and going to college full time, so I was dead tired. I didn't have a car, so I was walking from my job to school which was about 2 miles. A guy that used to work with me stopped and offered me a ride, and since I knew who he was, I accepted. We got about a mile and he propositioned me, said since he gave me a ride I could give him "something in return." I said no and asked for him to let me out, and he wouldn't, he turned down this road that I knew led no where and I jumped out while the car was still moving. Luckily he kept going and didn't come back. I was scratched up and so scared and shaken up by the time I called my mom and let her know what happened that I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I learned my lesson though.
    Happy New Years

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    Somewhere over the rainbow
    I believe that what I have been through in the past has influenced my need to help find missing loved ones, do K9 SAR, and try to understand the twisted minds of pedophiles and serial murderers. Unfortunately, I did not recover after the first attack. Instead I became an easy target for more than one attack after the first one. I am happy to say that I am no longer vulnerable. I am no longer a target.

    It was Friday, August 27th, 1971, 3 days after my 12th birthday. I will never forget. To give some background first, my mother and I lived in Parsippany, NJ. My sister, 13 was living temporarily with our grandmother in New York. I was lonely and vulnerable because I had little self esteem and did not feel loved. My mother worked daily and arrived home at about 6:30 PM. I was often bored and had no friends.

    As some already know I love animals, always have. One day in January or February of 1971 I found a big, orange, injured cat in the snow on a lawn of a house down the street from my house. I picked up the cat and knocked on a neighbor's door where I had previously seen a big orange cat (in the picture window). It was not his cat. He invited me inside, and I went in.

    For months he and his wife (mostly him) would invite me over, or I would just stop over. He did not work due to emphysema. His wife worked and every day that I visited he and I would go into his finished basement to talk with his wife on the cb as she was driving home. I spent a lot of time there, and though I know now he was, "grooming" me, I had no idea then. He did nothing inappropriate--except that I later realized it is odd for a man to desire a 12 year old girl's company. My mother was oblivious.

    One day he called me to come over, 3 days after my 12th birthday. After he let me in he locked all 3 locks on his front door. He told me he wanted to give me a spanking for my birthday. There was something very different in his demeanor that day. Something bad. I felt extremely uncomfortable and trapped. He chased me around the coffee table until he caught me. I knew I could not get out of the house by fighting. The 3 locks would take too long to open. I am only 5 feet tall now. I was about 4 feet 9 inches tall and about 85 LB. He was 6 feet 3 inches tall. He was 63 years old with emphysema; but, physically I was no match. He through me on the sofa and attacked and (can I say rape? sorry if this is against TOS rules) repeatedly, any way he could. I think at one point I passed out. I think I came to and he started all over again. I was beyond terrified. I was living in a horror movie, but it was real.

    He finally let me up. I was standing near the coffee table hyperventilating with fear. I knew I needed to calm down and think. Then he said, "what is wrong with you? I do this with Maria all the time, and we have fun." At first I was disgusted and mortified by what he said. Then I thought of a way out of his house alive. I was so afraid he would kill me because of what he did to me. I don't know why I thought that--just a gut feeling.

    So, I calmed myself down and played along. I tried to act like I was over the initial shock and it was no big deal. I don't know how I did that. I told him that one of my vicious dogs was in the garage and that a person was coming to fix the garage. Oh dear I had to get home to get the dog out of the garage (total lie). He let me out. I ran home with my ears listening backwards in fear that he would chase me.

    I ran into the house. The walls were moving in and out, and the ceiling was moving up and down. I was seeing these things. I was in an awful state. I gathered our three German Shepherds and ran to my mothers bedroom where the second phone was and closed the door. I was afraid to use the kitchen phone for fear he would come and see me through the curtain less window. I called my mother at work, but could not articulate. Finally she somewhat understood.

    She called my neighbor, Mrs. Tapkass, a nurse, to pick me up and take me to the hospital. She then took me to my friend's house. Mrs. Tapkass watched our home for the rest of the day after she got home. The man drove his purple car to my house 3 separate times and tried to get into the window--with 3 German Shepherds attacking through the glass. One of the windows was cracked. That man desperately wanted something from me or with me. I shake as I write this despite years of counseling and therapy.

    His name was Edgar Baxter, and I can say that because he was convicted. I am sure he is long dead now. He was 63 years old in 1971.

    But, there is a lesson I learned that day. I had so much going against me, feeling lost, alone, and unloved, I was particularly vulnerable. I was not taught not to go into people's homes, and no one told me it was odd for a 63 year old man to be so interest in a little girl. And, once I was trapped inside there was little chance of escape if I had relied solely on physical strength. So I used my head any way I could. When the opportunity arose I made up the dog in the garage story. And, thank the Lord it worked. That is one lie I don't think the Lord minds that I told.


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