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    Italy - Four people found murdered in burning Como home, 11 Dec 2006

    ROME An Italian couple who reportedly could not stand a toddler's persistent crying have been arrested for killing the child, his mother, grandmother and a neighbor in a gruesome case which has shaken Italy.

    Prosecutors in the northern lakeside town of Como have told reporters that the couple, Rosa Bazzi and Olindo Romano, had confessed to the slayings, and that they would seek their trial for premeditated murder and other crimes, including setting the murder scene on fire to try to destroy the bodies.


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    i was in Como and surrounding villages off the lake 25 years ago. very beautiful places.

    who would think it possible anyone would be so crazy?

    they should have moved to a desert island if they could bare to hear life around them!

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    My stepmother and her husband just got back from Lake Como a few months ago--Its a pretty stunning place---cannot believe such a horrible crime took place there--however there may be more to this story than we know--they may have been feuding for years about other things--just like that guy who killed his neighbor in New York cuz his wife told him his daughter was molested--or the guy who was a computer genius here in Florida who fought with his neighbors so much he put arsenic in their coca-cola bottles and the mother died(he is now on death row)---Still, this Italian case was a family massacre, sort of the like the vicious vendettas in Sicily from 20 and 30 years ago--Some small villages in Sicily have very few inhabitants because of this--About 30 years ago, a reporter walked into a village there and wondered where everybody was--a single old man answered his question: "Vendettas"

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    From August 2014, translated poorly by Google:


    Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, sentenced to life imprisonment for the massacre of [Erba], who finished in early June the three years of isolation in prison respectively Opera and Bollate where inmates from 10 January 2007.

    On 11 December 2006 the couple shot to death with a knife and crowbar Raffaella Castagna, the two year old son Youssef Marzouk, the child's grandmother Paola Galli and the neighbor Valeria Cherubini, while the latter's husband Mario Frigerio was saved because presumed dead by two killers. After the massacre, Rosa and Olindo set fire to the apartment.

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