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    Thumbs up Camper (not ours, lol) rescued after weeks in the wild

    A camper who became stranded nearly five weeks ago in a national forest because she could not cross a swollen river was rescued Sunday, more than two weeks after the search for her was called off.

    A New Mexico National Guard crew waded across the icy Gila River to rescue a dehydrated and weak Carolyn Dorn of South Carolina, who entered the Gila National Forest alone on Dec. 6 for a two-week camping trip.

    She was found by two brothers, Albert and Peter Kottke, as they hiked an area they had visited several times in the past two years without ever seeing another human being. They realized Dorn was too weak to get out of the wilderness with them and left her Tang, almonds, dried apples, hot soup and cheese. They also filled her water bottles and left her a book Michael Connelly's "Chasing the Dime."

    The brothers hiked 20 miles over the next day and a half, then hitchhiked into Silver City, where they contacted the National Guard.

    "We got her prepared to spend another couple of nights while we went upstream to get help," Albert Kottke, 25, a doctoral student in civil engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, said Sunday from his parents' home in St. Paul, Minn.

    Dorn told the brothers she was warm enough at night, but her eyes lit up when they offered her the book, he said.

    He felt comfortable leaving her after that because "you could tell she had a positive outlook," he said.

    Dorn was hospitalized in Silver City and should be fine, said search and rescue coordinator Frankie Benoist of Silver City. Dorn's condition was unavailable.

    More at link:


    Praise the Lord for a happy ending!

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    Thank you DK for posting this. What a wonderful rescue, and after nearly 6 weeks. Thank you Lord. I can imagine the joy and relief her family members feel too.


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    I can't imagine wanting to go out camping by myself!!

    Thank heavens they found her!!

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