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As for Bastard out of Carolina, which is an excellent piece of literature, that was the point - you are supposed to be horrified and realize that this is wrong. And if it was horrifying to watch, well it should have been. It was supposed to drive home the point that rape is a crime and that children can be victims to. I don't think we should gloss over it and act like it doesn't exist.
I don't need to watch a child being raped to know that this does exist! I agree w/ Anngelique that we are slowly being desensitized, and it's only going to get worse. I won't watch a rape scene. Years ago, Death Wish was enough for me. There was another one, can't remember the name. A mom and her two kids were home alone out in the country when these three guys stormed in. One grabbed the mom, one grabbed the daughter and took them to other rooms. Nothing was shown, but it was obvious what was about to take place. As you could hear their screams, the boy was pushed down on a table and his pants pulled down, then the camera went to his face. Just seeing his face and hearing all of their screams will haunt my mind forever. I didn't need to see more, I fully understood what was happening.

I have an almost 11 yr old dd, who I know for a fact would never watch a rape scene let alone do a rape scene (if she was an actress). She use to love the Little House on the Prairie series. I think we have seasons 1-8. Well, last year while dd began to watch Sylvia from season 7. Believe it or not, the little girl gets raped in this one!!! Thankfully I walked in and noticed these eyes in the woods watching this girl Sylvia. The next minute, she's shown w/ a hand around her mouth being dragged into the woods. At that minute I shut the TV off and just explained to dd that there was no reason to fill our minds w/ seeing this girl get abused. Shame on me for not reading the little preview page. Who would have thought of a rape on a Little House series. I did view it later alone, and although nothing is shown, the girl shows up back at her house all beaten up, dress ripped and holding her stomach. She ends up pregnant in part two. I guess I'm just explaning all of this to say that neither dd or I needed to see the girl raped to get the picture of what happened.

Dakota is a talented little girl w/ a promising future. She didn't need to do a rape scene for continued success. Shame on her parents!