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    NBC's "Today" show to be 4 hours


    As if their show isn't filled with enough fluff as it is in the 3rd hour.

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    Wow...I agree the 3rd hour is a ton of fluff...
    But in my market that would mean it would be up against The View, and that is fine by me! I will watch fluff if I have to!


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    Apr 2004
    After the Today show here, it's Regis & Kelly. I wonder what will happen to that? Bumped to a later time?

    I'm sure they are going to revamp the program, it will be interesting to see how they do it.

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    I can't take 4 hours of that show! How much of the 4 hours will be commercials? Ugh.

    The third hour here runs against Regis. The 4th hour will run against Martha.

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    I think I would like it , especially if I didn't have cable. I like news. talk and special interest programming. I do not like sitcoms, soaps, and programs like that. I think a lot of people will watch it.

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