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    FL - Harriett 'Jackie' Curtis, 16, Orange County, 9 Jan 2007

    The body of a woman was found today in east Orange County near South Goldenrod and Lake Underhill roads, a sheriff's spokesman said.

    Orange County workers cleaning near a pond at the end of Alachua Street noticed the body as they backed up the truck, said spokesman Jeff Williamson. The body was decomposing.

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    Agh! I used to live near there! My friend had a baby down the street from there... Not a bad area at all. Well travelled roads. Right next to a highway. I must have just missed that article... I read the paper online this morning...

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    Body is that of a 16 year old girl

    Her mother reported her missing on Monday.

    Harriett Jacquelyn Curtis
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShowerSinger
    Her mother reported her missing on Monday.

    Harriett Jacquelyn Curtis
    Is there any more info?
    Rest in peace little Marcus.

    Where is Jaycee Lee Dugard?

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    She was reported missing on Monday. Was ruled a runaway. Death deemed suspicious.

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    From October 2007:


    The face of Jackie "Angel" Curtis haunted Maya Derkovic for the past nine months... The Sheriff's Office has charged Amiri "Sin" Lundy, 20; Dominique "D" Tolbert, 19; and Derkovic with killing Angel in an act of crude gang justice...

    Shortly after New Year's Day, Derkovic told the Sentinel, Lundy grew paranoid that Angel was trying to set up him and his family to be attacked by the rival gang she belonged to. He accused her of stealing Lundy's special book that held secrets and rules of the Rolling Sixties...

    They hung out in the neighborhood behind the bakery, ending up at the overgrown pond at the end of Alachua Street. Angel borrowed Lundy's phone to call for a ride home. After she handed the phone back, "I grabbed her," Derkovic said... Derkovic said she grabbed Angel's throat and pushed. Then she eased the pressure and pushed again. "Before I knew it, she stopped struggling," Derkovic said. After she let go, Derkovic said, one of the men stepped on the victim's neck.
    Lundy was sentenced to life, Derkovic got 30 years, and Tolbert got 15 years per Florida DOC records.