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    Cheat on your spouse in michigan and spend life in prison?


    Pretty cool considering I'm from michigan, hubby better watch out

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    As much as my cheating ex has upset me I would not send him to prison. Now a night in jail might teach him to keep it in his pocket.

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    If we lived in Michigan my husband would be in jail.

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    The county we live in (Michigan) had to build a new jail because of overcrowding, I am not exactly sure where on earth the "adulterer jail" would fit in? In reading the article I wonder if in the case of spousal abuse, could the judge extend a sentance if a person were to abuse their spouse AND commit adultery? (The article kind of left me confused?)

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    This is BEYOND ridiculous and the initial statute should be re-written - even the Judges said that.
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    Apparently, it's also illegal to live with your significant other! Guess we have more than one law that needs to be revisited

    This case is about politics. As a Michigan resident and taxpayer, I'd prefer to see my money go elsewhere; some of the things that matter more to regular people. Like outrageous bank fees. Or we'll-take-your-first-born cell phone contracts.

    And, Becba, you are a bigger woman than I... I would have had my ex thrown in prison in a New York minute!!

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