I have spent the best part of an hour cleaning up a thread and I do not consider this to be effective use of my time. (If I have missed any posts, please alert me).

It seems that there are a group of members who are intent on bringing bad feeling from Court TV to Websleuths and that will not be tolerated. This is a peaceful board where case discussion doesn't get ruined by flame wars.

Unacceptable posts will be deleted in their entirety. I will no longer edit posts as it involves twice as much work as deleting posts. Plus, deleted posts are only hidden from view -- they are still "there". This can be useful if a dispute arises.

Just to make it absolutely clear--

1. Posts which attack other posters will be deleted.

2. Posts which contain snide remarks or comments about other posters will be deleted in their entirety

3. Posts which speculate about the identity of another poster will be deleted.

4. Posts which contain personal information will be deleted

5. Posts which QUOTE any of the above will also be deleted.

If you are attacked, don't retaliate - tell us. If you see an attack - don't join in - tell us. All members are equal here and will be treated with the same respect regardless of POV.

If you want to hellraise - do it elsewhere.