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    School nabes full of sex fiends NYC


    And Weiner pushes bill to keep better track of them


    PS 81, on DeKalb Ave. in Brooklyn, has six sex offenders living within a tenth of a mile.

    Anthony Weiner

    Frank Ballance, 31 Convicted of first-degree rape in 1995. 412 Pulaski St., Brooklyn

    Jeffrey Norwood, 40 Convicted of raping a 10-year-old girl in 1998. 473 Kosciuszko St., Brooklyn

    Willie Hodges, 43 Convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl in 2002. 109 Lewis Ave., Brooklyn

    Nearly a third of the city's most dangerous sex offenders live within just two blocks of an elementary or middle school - and authorities have no power to make them move farther away, the Daily News has learned.
    The sobering findings emerged from the most exhaustive examination ever conducted of the state sex offender registry.

    The disturbing report, completed by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn), shows that about 670 of the city's 2,114 worst sex offenders live within two blocks of a school.

    The clusters of sickos grow even larger a few more blocks away.

    More than 85% of the city's Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders - the worst of the worst - live within a quarter-mile of a school, Weiner's examination found. "Every day my kids when they leave the house I say a little prayer that they won't cross one of these sex sickos," Bronx mom Cynthia Hawkins, 35, said as she walked her kids home from Public School 33 in Highbridge.

    Five sex offenders live within two blocks of the Jerome Ave. school, criminal records show.

    "How can these people be allowed on the street near our children?" Hawkins asked.

    Sex offenders are now permitted to live anywhere in the city.

    But Weiner says the federal government should play a greater role in protecting schoolchildren from the registered perverts. He will join Rep. Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn) today to introduce legislation to fund unprecedented surveillance of sex offenders.

    Under the bill, $100 million would be available each year for federal and local agencies to track offenders with global positioning systems.

    The money would also be used to expand online sex-offender registries and crack down on perverts who violate parole.

    "Simply keeping track of these offenders, while important, isn't enough," Weiner told The News. "More can be done to protect our communities."

    "Many sex offenders who have a predilection of preying on children live within a stone's throw of neighborhood schoolyards," Weiner said. "It's simply dumbfounding."

    The comprehensive report by Weiner's office used the Library of Congress' cartography programs to map the addresses of the worst registered sex offenders and the locations of city schools.

    Along with determining exactly how close the perverts live to schools, the study revealed the borough with the most high-level offenders - 671 - is Brooklyn.

    Jeffrey Norwood, 40 Convicted of raping a 10-year-old girl in 1998. 473 Kosciuszko St., Brooklyn

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    Toxic Legacy


    A five-part series by The Record outlining how hazardous waste from Ford's former Mahwah plant is wreaking havoc on the environment years after it was supposed to have been cleaned up.

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    I know in my town, most of the elementary school boundaries are not over 6 blocks wide and this puts most of the SO's on the lists very close to schools. Still, many kids walk to school and I am on the outlook every day when I take my carload full and worry every time I see kids walking to school alone. I sent a note to school reminding them of how many sex offenders are in this neighborhood and to never let mine leave walking if I have an emergency and can't get there.

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    Looks like these guys didn't get very long sentences for the crimes they committed.

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