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    Gas station explosion kills 4 injures 9


    I always get so nervous around gas tanks with the chance of sparks with getting in and out of cars and I still see people smoking while pumping

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    They say you shouldn't talk on a cell phone either, around the gas pumps. I still see people doing it though, all the time. They even have the signs for "no smoking", "no cell phones" right on the pumps. I've even said to people, "you're not supposed to smoke" or "not supposed to use the cell phone" and they either are rude or look at me like I have 3 heads.....

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    Four Confirmed Dead in Raleigh County Gas Station Explosion

    Dead include one firefighter and one EMT. WATCH:

    GHENT -- A representative of the State Fire Marshal's office confirms that four people are dead after today's explosion at a gas station on U.S Route 19.

    Five victims were taken to Raleigh General Hospital and are listed in serious condition. One victim has been tranferred to Charleston Area Medical Center and two more have been transferred Cabell Huntington Hospital. Two of the dead are reported to be a firefighter and an EMT from the Ghent Volunteer Fire Department.

    The building was destroyed in the explosion. A cause has not been determined, but preliminary reports indicate a propane tank may have exploded.

    Bystanders said there was an odor of gas before the explosion.

    Crews are searching the scene and working to secure a second propane tank on the site. A 59News crew at the scene said at least three people were killed and several cars were overturned. However, there have been no official reports on the number of fatalities


    The above link is a good one for local coverage. They were on the scene very quickly.
    Prayers to the victims and their families.
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