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    FL - Irving 'Al' Sicherer, 76, Aventura, 25 July 2001

    Authorities posted a short video of a man -- before he was found beaten to death in his apartment in 2001 -- on the Internet.

    The Aventura Police Department is taking advantage of modern technology to try to solve the department's only cold case.

    This week, the department posted a short video on My Space.com and YouTube.com and on the Aventura city website, asking for information about the 2001 murder of 78-year-old Irving Sicherer.

    Sicherer was found beaten to death in his Aventura apartment on July 25, 2001.


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    From November 2012:


    [T]he crime scene... stretched from one side of the apartment to the other and it was very bloody. “He was beaten with a heavy object, about his head and neck area and also was stabbed,” said Aventura Police Detective Michael Giordano. “This killer was angry, he wanted Mr. Sicherer dead. For what we don’t know yet”...

    Although the killer took off after the murder, he did leave crucial evidence behind such as fingerprints and DNA. Both are in national data bases, but so far, there’s been no hit... But there was a glimmer of hope when a partial DNA hit popped up. There was no name, just information leading to a prison inmate in Michigan...

    “We don’t believe this is the actual person who committed the crime,” said Aventura Police Major Skip Washa. “We’ve been told there are matches to show in the family line so it could be a brother, a cousin, somebody in that family chain”...

    When police here asked Michigan officials to identify the inmate, detectives were shocked at the response. “Unfortunately, Michigan has a policy where they will not release any information on the individual whose DNA is a possible match. And we’ve been trying since 2009 to negotiate with Michigan.”
    Surveillance video and sketch of the suspect here:


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    Authorities Hope New Technology Will Help Solve Cold Case Murder in Aventura.

    Interesting new details.

    Police on Tuesday released four new sketches of a potential suspect thanks to advancements in DNA technology. Using forensic DNA analysis, police say they were able to create a snapshot of what the person of interest may look like.
    Sicherer was found dead by family members in his Waterview condo on East Country Club Drive back on July 25, 2001. It remains a mystery why someone would want him dead.

    Source: Authorities Hope New Technology Will Help Solve Cold Case Murder in Aventura | NBC 6 South Florida http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/A...#ixzz4aDVlc1QY
    Follow us: @nbcmiami on Twitter | NBCMiami on Facebook
    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


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