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    Another cat story

    Indiana Cat Freezes in Water Trough


    LOSANTVILLE, Ind. (AP) - A cat found half-frozen in a water trough is recovering, but may lose his tail.

    Melissa Jones said she found the cat Tuesday when she stepped onto her porch for a cigarette. His tail and hind legs were stuck in about three inches of ice. She and her husband used buckets of hot water to free him.

    For the rest of the story, click here.


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    From the article:
    Jones says the family will probably keep the cat indoors from now on
    Probably? PROBABLY? I don't understand pet owners, sometimes. Honestly, it being cold enough to cause this kind of thing to happen in the first place, should be a reason for these people NOT to get the cat back, period. (that last line and the quote about him getting a new name of "droopy" does imply that they are the owners of the cat, to begin with)

    We recently rescued a very loving kitty from the single digit freezing weather that has been gripping our area... the little fellow was so happy to get in doors and warmed up. We have searched missing cat reports in the area because it is obvious he is very domesticated, but no one has put up postings about a cat like him missing, so we assume he was just purposely left out in the cold. That angers me because it's just another example of humans disregarding their pets as objects of whim, when they should be regarded with great respect and taken care of properly. If one has an outdoor pet, it doesn't take much to go outside and make sure they have a warm shelter to get in to, when it is freezing outside.

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    I got the impression she found the cat...it wasn't theirs to begin with. In any case, I'm glad he was found and is recovering.

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    Elphaba, I agree with every word you said.
    Some people just don't deserve to have pets, and if they left this kitty outside in this bitter cold, then they are crappy pet owners!
    There are 2 stray lady cats whom I have been feeding for nearly 2 years. When the temps came down so low, I brought them inside and made a place for them to stay warm. They are both feral, so don't allow much if any contact, but at least I know they are safe from the weather!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassygerl
    I got the impression she found the cat...it wasn't theirs to begin with. In any case, I'm glad he was found and is recovering.
    I thought so too, but something in the way the article was worded for example "his new nickname is droopy" and "will keep the cat indoors from now on" gives a different impression. Maybe it was just poorly written.
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    Ummmm... that was definitely their cat to begin with. Even said he was 7 months old. What idiots. However, how in tarnation did the cat get frozen into 3 inches of water to begin with????

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