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    Daylight Savings Time Brings Fears Of Mini-Y2K

    Technology is great, but it may leave you lost when the time changes.

    Due to the change in daylights saving time, there is a computer glitch that could cause a mini-Y2K, WESH 2 News reported.

    Daylight saving time comes three weeks earlier this year

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    I can't believe that this is being compared at all to Y2K. Y2K was a worry that all systems would shut down, banking corporations, huge businesses, everything freaking out and shutting down. We're comparing old technology dealing with a year to new technology dealing with time.
    This change effects only certain software. Y2K was also a big freak out over nothing, so yeah it could be compared to that.
    The worst that will happen is someone will miss a meeting because they didn't get the memo from IT to download their updates.
    Everyone at our company is set for automatic updates at 3am. I'll be sending a mass e-mail in a few weeks to the whole company to pay close attention to their meeting and calendar times, but it shouldn't even be an issue.
    When you work in IT, you should always expect the worst, but as we learned with Y2K, the worst doesn't happen. Shame on this "expert" for publishing a scare. It's not a computer glitch at all. A glitch is when something should work and it doesn't. (like Microsoft is infamous for) This is a change made by the government and MS is on top of it with a patch ready to go.

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