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    Doggone! 45 days later, Chipper returns

    Peripatetic pooch returns to Alaskan family and fetches the newspaper

    KENAI, Alaska - Chipper, a 3-year-old Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, wasn't looking so chipper after 45 days on the lam.

    His owner, Jim Butler, said the dog is normally a good listener but took off on a walk on Dec. 12. Looking the worse for wear, he returned home Jan. 29, to the disbelief of his family.

    "It's the darndest thing," Butler said.

    The rest of the story (bet he won't be running off again any time soon)

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    What a lucky dog to have survived and made it back home.

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    I'll bet that sled tangled on something and he was stuck awhile. Poor baby. I'm glad they did everything to try to find him, though - so many people just don't.
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    Oh I love happy endings! I can't imagine what poor Chipper went through and am so glad he recovered. That family never gave up hope and even kept Chipper's dog bed. How happy they all must be!

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