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    7-year-old killed in Missouri tornado

    Tornadoes swept through southern Missouri around dawn Thursday, damaging homes and businesses and killing at least one person a few hours after another twister touched down in Kansas, authorities said.

    A 7-year-old child was killed in Missouri, and there were reports of people missing from the Caulfield area, said State Highway Patrol Sgt. Marty Elmore.

    Howell County Sheriff Robbie Crites identified the victim as Elizabeth Croney, whose mother, father and a brother were injured when a tornado hit their mobile home in a rural wooded area 16 miles southwest of West Plains.

    It took paramedics about an hour to reach the home, and they had to use chain saws to cut through wooded debris blocking the road.

    More at link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070301/ap_on_re_us/midwest_tornadoes&printer=1

    Lord be with them all, may the 7 year old RIP.

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    How sad prayers for this family who lost their 7 year old May God bring comfort and healing..

    This post is my opinion only, and is subject to making me look totally confused

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