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    WA - Amboy, female skeletal remains in woods, Mar'07 - Joan Roux

    Amboy, Wash
    A hiker discovered skeletal remains of a woman, in the woods. The remains appear to be those of a woman in her late 30's, with extensive, specialized dental work.
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    Any news on this?

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    I just did a search but can not find any information on if they ever found the rest of the remains or just the skull. The rest of the remains would give an idea on height etc. Anyone else find anything?

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    I found one article in the newspaper archives from April 15:

    The bones of a woman found last month in the woods of the far-north corner of Clark County remain unidentified.

    The remains, including a skull that revealed extensive and distinctive dental work, are at the Clark County medical examiner's office. Investigators are still trying to figure out who the woman was, the first step to determining how her body ended up near the Yale Bridge, which spans the North Fork of the Lewis River at the east end of Lake Merwin.

    On March 6, an Ariel man looking for deer antlers discovered the bones and called police. It is believed the remains had been there for at least two years.

    Searchers, including volunteers and law enforcement officers, combed the thick foliage for two days, looking for more remains or any other evidence.

    The only item recovered was some clothing, which could have been part of a skirt or a blouse, said Clark County Sheriff's Sgt. Fred Neiman, who led the search.

    So far, the examination of the bones has revealed the woman was in her late 30s or older. The details do not match any open missing persons cases in Clark County. The information is being shared with other law enforcement agencies in the country.

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    On Thursday, the Clark County Sheriff's Office led a team of volunteers as they combed a wooded area off State Route 503 near the Yale Bridge where a person found human bones.
    Although person's identity is unknown, investigators do have some information. They know that the bones belong to a female who was in her late 30s at the time of her death. She had significant, specialized dental work and has been deceased for at least one year.

    Now, the age difference gives me slight pause (late 30s to 62 seems a big difference) but unless there was another, a younger woman's body found by an antler hunter at the same place in March 2007 this woman has been identified.

    Joan Roux estranged herself from family members, gave notice to vacate her apartment and disappeared in the spring of 2004.

    Clark County sheriff's investigators didn't know the woman's fate until this week. Skeletal remains found in March 2007 a couple of hundred yards from the Yale Bridge were identified as those of the 62-year-old Roux of Vancouver.
    There wasn't a break in the case until March 2007. A hiker looking for discarded deer antlers near the bridge came across human bones. Searchers combed thick foliage for two days, looking for more remains or any other evidence. They only recovered some clothing.

    Following media reports on the search, a Clark County Towing employee came forward, reporting that he recalled towing an abandoned van from the Yale Bridge close to the same time Roux disappeared, Schanaker said. Records showed the van belonged to Roux.

    here's a quote from somebody saying the UID was "at least" in her late thirties, so I guess that would cover 62.

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