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    OH - Vickie Barton, 40, raped & murdered, Springboro, 11 April 1995

    An appeals court is upholding the conviction of a Tri-State police officer for the rape and murder of his wife.

    Thomas Barton was convicted 2 years ago in Warren County for his role in his wife's death. Barton was a police lietuenant in Springboro, and he wanted to scare his wife Vickie so she would want to move from his farm outside of the city, into the city limits, allowing him to apply to become chief of police.


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    Oh my gosh, this story was on the other night on one of those Forensic Files type shows. I thought the whole thing was so sick and disturbing. I can't believe someone can do that to their wife. I know HE didn't kill her, but his selfish and horrible actions led to her death. I am glad the conviction is being upheld.

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    I saw a show about this case too. Thanks for the update.

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    Some background on the case, from May 2015:


    Even with Jim Barton behind bars, a great mystery remains.

    One of those intimate details is that Vickie had also been sexually assaulted and had a bite mark on her breast that contained the DNA of her assailant. Phelps later committed suicide, but his body was exhumed and a test was done. He was not a match and neither was Jim nor anyone else in the national DNA database.

    Which leads Chief Kruithoff to only two conclusions about the second mystery man who was there that day. “One is that this person only committed one violent crime in their life and never did it again. The policeman in me says that’s impossible, a crime to this degree of violence was the one and only time, or that they’re dead."
    And from last week:


    Former Springboro Police Lt. Jim Barton has served 10 years of a 15-to-50 year sentence for complicity to what has been described as a “botched burglary” that resulted in the violent death of his wife, Vickie Barton, in 1995.

    Without the high court’s intervention, Barton could be home, possibly in time for the holidays.

    On May 15, after a decade of unsuccessful appeals, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered Barton to be retried within six months or released. Six months would run out on or about Nov. 15.

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