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    If a moderator deems this thread inappropriate, please delete it---I'll understand.

    I'm just frustrated. I live here in Tallahassee. Every once in a while we get a media story about Ali, then we don't hear anything for a while. Even the online version of the Tallahassee Democrat no longer has a link on their front page for the major story they did about Ali. I just can't believe that there is nothing more to go on, and it hurts to see "my town" just kind of shrug off the fact that this pregnant woman is gone.

    I've had my own personal feelings of what happened, but I won't share them here in case there is family reading. They need no more pain than they already have. Besides, my "abilities" as a seer are dull, to say the least.

    So, here's what I did. Another poster on another forum page here mentioned ****************s. You know, after reading his site I just figured 'why not'. It may at least give an interested search team a starting place of where to look, or something specific to look for. Brian has now listed the e-mail I sent under his pending readings for missing people.

    My only worry is that if family members, for religious reasons, have an issue with psychics. If that is the case, I offer my sincerest apologies.

    It looks like we may be waiting as Brian is quite busy, but Ali is now on his list. I will keep up the posting here, so that Ali is not forgotten.

    Here is the link to the e-mail I sent that can be viewed on Brian's site--scroll down to 3/22/07:


    L.C., aka FLMom

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    I know there are a lot of pros and cons regarding psychic abilities. I agree with both sides of the argument. . . I've seen good things come about, and I've also seen some of the corniest theatrics you can imagine.

    For what it's worth, here is a link to the Brian's Prediction "viewing" of Ali that I requested many moons ago.


    I'm thinking Hwy. 98 instead of Hwy. 89.

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