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    Swiss man jailed for Thai insult

    A Swiss man has been jailed for 10 years after pleading guilty to charges of insulting the Thai king.


    A very stupid thing to do. they love their royals in Thailand.

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    Haha, wow. Can you imagine how many people would be in jail in America if we had the same law here for our President?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
    Haha, wow. Can you imagine how many people would be in jail in America if we had the same law here for our President?

    LOL, you are not kidding... We'd go broke just building jails to hold most of America...

    This post is my opinion only, and is subject to making me look totally confused

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    He got ten years? Geez they acting like he said something about the King's mother--reminds me of hitler and stalin days

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    In Thailand, it's a very serious offence to besmirch any of the royal family.

    this man lived there for 10 years. i have only visited twice for two weeks at a time. as a tourist i knew about the seriousness of the offence, so i have not the slightest doubt this man knew fully what was sure to happen.

    obey the laws in any country you are in, is my motto.

    you know what? i could go to prison if i raised my arm in the nazi salute here in Germany. thems the rules. while i have no desire to raise my arm in the nazi salute, i nevertheless respect the law.

    i'm sure if you find the Thai law offensive regarding respecting the royal family, you won't want to visit and the Thais would appreciate it if you didn't.

    oh yes. about the ten year sentence: he faced a maximum sentence of 75 years but got a leinient sentence because he admitted his guilt.

    and btw: i wonder why he'd moved to Thailand anyway.

    curious, no?

    there is a comment in this article which i find very interesting:

    ......the ubiquitous placing of the King’s image everywhere in Thailand began as a CIA/USIA program to spread loyalty to the monarchy to the masses to counter the threat of communism.


    there are several more comments which bear taking a look at on this site. getting to the root of what has exactly occurred today. more to it all than meets the eye, apparently.

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    Seems like there is a happy ending to this story:

    Thai monarch pardons imprisoned Swiss

    King Bhumibol has pardoned a Swiss man who was given a ten-year prison sentence for spraying paint on images of the monarch.
    The long-time Thailand resident has been ordered to leave the country. The Swiss embassy in the capital Bangkok has confirmed the pardon, which coincides with the Thai new year.

    Continued: http://www.swissinfo.org/eng/top_new...=1176378648000

    He will be deported. now what was he doing living in Thailand in the first place?

    i have my own speculation which isn't nice.

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    Too bad the king over there doesn't put all of those who are involved in the child sex trade business in jail. He should be in jail in my opinion.

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