I have searched this site for a thread on Amelia Earhart and cannot find one. I find this hard to believe! Earhart's disappearence is the most famous cold case and tantalizing missing persons case in history and I thought for sure I would find a thread about her.
It is possible she just crashed but there is a lot of theory's that she went down in the Marshall Islands and was captured by the Japanese and even speculation she was on a special top secret mission under FDR to 'crash' in the Marshall Islands and gather info. 2 teens with transistor radio insist they heard Amelia's distress calls the day after she disappeared. One of those people was still alive when the below article was written and she still insist on what she heard. At the time she had written it down in a note book and her father contacted the Coast Guard. Considering some of the artifacts that have been found on Gardner Island it seems plausible they crashed but survived for awhile.
As far fetched as some of these theories may get I find her disappearence fascinating.
Please point me in the direction of a thread about her on here if there is one and I shall delete this.




http://www.tighar.org/TTracks/12_2/logjam.html Itasca Logs