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    It's not the first time researchers have examined the bones or pondered a possible link with Earhart. The remains were analyzed by Dr. D. W. Hoodless, principal of the Central Medical School in Fiji, who concluded that the bones belonged to a male. The bones themselves have since been lost.

    Researcher Richard Jantz used a new technology called Fordisc to estimate the sex and ancestry of the remains. "I reassess (bone measurements) with realistic assumptions about who could have been on Nikumaroro island during the relevant time."

    Her tibia length and body dimensions were measured using some of her clothing kept.

    After comparing numerous measurements of Earhart with those of the bones, Jantz concluded that "the only documented person to whom they may belong is Amelia Earhart."


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    Amelia Earhart disappearance Lockheed Electra search project

    If not already mentioned here on WebSleuths: Amelia Earhart and Frank Noonan enacted return contingency plan then crash-landed on New Britain, PNG. Hypothesis and strong circumstantial evidence...


    ...that their wreck was inadvertently located by Australian troops during WWII.

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