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    TX - Doneshia Hill, 20, found murdered, Arlington, 30 March 2007

    Arlington police have released photos of three tattoos on the body of an unidentified homicide victim discovered this weekend.

    The black woman, who was approximately 20 to 30 years old, was found dumped in the Forest Hills Apartments parking lot in the 2100 block of Forest Hills Drive in Arlington about 4 a.m. Saturday, according to police.


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    Arlington Police investigators are releasing information on tattoos of a female homicide victim in an attempt to generate leads. From left, the third tattoo, on the victim's top right forearm, reads "Money Love!" or "Honey Love!" in green cursive letters. The two words are on top of each other and in between them is the outline of a heart with a dollar sign. A second tattoo on the victim's left outside ankle is a green, five-pointed star, about two inches tall with a capitalized cursive letter "D" in the middle. Another tattoo, on the victim's right outside ankle, reads "Thea" in green cursive letters.

    This one should be easy to find. I doubt there is a missing report yet but someone should id the tats easily.
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    I'm sure it's probably a coincidence but isn't this the area where Amber Hagerman's body was found? If so, since when did this become a dumping ground of sorts? I grew up only about a mile from there.

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    Body identified

    The body has been identified as 20 year old Doneshia Hill.
    Hill called her mother on March 30 and told her that she had given Lowery a ride home from work, according to the affidavit. Her mother told police that Hill was waiting at Lowery’s apartment for heavy rain showers to ease up, because she did not want to drive in the rain, according to the affidavit. When Hill’s mother didn’t hear from her daughter by April 1 — Hill’s 20th birthday — she called Dallas police and reported her missing.


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    From February 2010:


    Damonne Brazille Lowery appeals his conviction for murder. The jury assessed punishment at life in prison...

    Dr. Nizam Peerwani, medical examiner for Tarrant County, performed an autopsy on Hill's body. She had been shot four times in the head at close range. Although Hill was intoxicated at the time of her death, no drugs were found in her system...

    Appellant later turned himself in and Stewart interviewed him in jail. During the interview, appellant told Stewart that Hill drove appellant to his apartment after work on March 30th and that she intended to spend the night with him. According to appellant, Hill left to “get some weed.” She returned with a man and they were arguing as they entered the apartment. The other man then drew a gun. When appellant heard a gunshot, he ran six miles to his family's house. Appellant denied returning to the apartment.

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