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    OK - Sharon Marshall, 20, multiple aliases, OKC, 1990 - ID'd as Suzanne Sevakis - #2

    This is the new thread for Sharon Marshall (the other thread was too long).

    This is the link to Part 1 (the most recent thread): https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41673

    Here is the link to the archived threads:
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    To be honest, I have also wondered about the Pic of Sue Davis with the dark hair - the smile and face look like Sharon but it does seem off somehow - who here knows? And I believe she was younger than 13 in 1976....

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    looking for her!

    dark hair and moving around about the time she is settled in..she is moved again this old chest player kinda thinks someone was.....looking for her!
    name change that would make someone looking for her!
    Did the parents know FDF
    Dials comment (You do not see her name on any milk carton do you?
    when FBI questioned him
    that should be 1980 smudged on the bottom of photo says (80)

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    FDF Timeline

    The following is a timeline for events in the Sharon Marshall / Franklin Delano Floyd story. It was prepared by former member Hollow with updates of the most recent discoveries.


    June 17th, 1943 *** Franklin Delano Floyd is born in Barnsville, Georgia. His father is Thomas H. Floyd, his mother Della Jewel Floyd(maiden name was Fowler.) Siblings Dorothy, Billy, Shirley , and sister Tommye

    June 1944/ Floyd's father dies.

    January 21, 1946/ Floyd children placed in Georgia Baptist Children's home in Hapeville Georgia by their mother. Later Dorothy is moved to an orphanage in Pinewood, GA

    1956 Della lives in West Palm Beach Florida.

    June 11, 1959/Franklin runs away from children's home.

    July 11, 1959/ Franklin enlists in the U.S. Army under a fictitious age. Serves in Missouri and Oklahoma.

    December 1959/ Franklin is kicked out of the army because he is too young and forged his papers. Franklin is sent by bus to his sister's house in Gainesville, GA. Her husband sends him away.

    February 19, 1960 Franklin breaks into a sears store in Inglewood, California, he exchanges fire with police on top of the roof of the store and is subsequently shot in the back by officer Jack O. MacGregor shortly after 4 a.m. He was sent to Centinela hospital and then transferred to the General Hospital prison ward.

    August 1961/Franklin violates his parole by going on a camping trip with fellow parolee James Marvin to either Alaska or Canada.

    November 1, 1961/ franklin is taken into custody for parole violation and is returned into the Preston Youth Facility.

    January 1962/ Franklin is released from the Preston Youth facility.

    1962/ Franklin is at sister's home in Gainesville Georgia.

    1962/ Floyd is working at the Atlanta airport.

    May 1962 / Franklin returns to Hapeville, Georgia and lives near the Georgia Baptist Children's Home. He is jailed for obtaining a liscense under false pretenses.

    May 20 1962 / Franklin abducts a 4-year-old girl from a Hapeville,Georgia bowling alley and rapes her.

    July 31, 1962/ Franklin is convicted of "child molestation" and is sentenced to 20 years.He was incarcerated at Reidsville Prison in Atlanta, Georgia.

    November 1, 1962/ Franklin was hospitalized at Milledgeville State Hospital for psychiatric testing.

    March 14th, 1963/ Franklin escapes from Milledgeville Hospital, stole a car in Milledgeville, and bought a pellet pistol.

    March 15, 1963/ Franklin robbed The Citezens and Southern bank of $6,810.28 in Macon, Georgia. He is arrested the same day.He is held in Atlanta from April 4th to June 28th, 1963.

    March 26, 1963/ Franklin confesses to the bank robbery, but says he did it to get money to appeal his child molestation conviction.

    July 12, 1963/ Franklin pleaded guilty to the bank robbery in Macon.

    July 12, 1963/ Franklin was sentenced to 15 years in Chillicothe Federal reformatory in Chillicothe, Ohio for bank robbery.He serves a sentence there from July 24, 1963- October 26, 1963.

    September 27, 1963/ Franklin attempts to escape from Chillicothe by hotwiring a prison fire-truck and smashing through a fence. He is apprehended and transferred to Lewisburg, PA.He serves a sentence there from October 26, 1963- June 5, 1964.

    June 1964/ Franklin is transferred to Springfield Missouri Medical Hospital of Federal Prisoners for evaluation. He is there from June 5th, 1964 to February 6, 1965.

    February 1965/ Franklin is transferred to Federal prison in Marion, Illinois. He recieves his G.E.D.He is at Marion from February 6, 1965 to February 15, 1968.

    February 1968/Franklin is Transferred to Reidsville prison in Georgia to finish molestation sentence/ Meets David Dial. He is there from Febuary 15, 1968 until he is remanded over to Federal Prison in Atlanta.

    July 1968/ Della Jewel dies, she is buried in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.

    November 1971/ Franklin is transferred to Federal Prison in Atlanta, Georgia for the escape attempt in Chillicothe. This is the birthplace of The Church Of The New Song.

    November 1972/ Franklin is released to a halfway house.

    January 19, 1973 Franklin is paroled.

    January 27th, 1973/Franklin attempts to kidnap a young woman in Atlanta, Georgia. His court appearance is scheduled for June 11, 1973.

    February 2, 1973/ Franklin is taken into custody for attack on woman in Atlanta, Georgia. Franklin calls his friend and he posts 3,000 dollar bail.

    Late February, 1973/ Floyd vanishes. It is later learned that he is staying with his buddy. His friend's address at this time was 48 Franklin rd. in Newnan Georgia.

    !973/ Floyd is seen at the Weston, Connecticut residence of his sister . Her house is burglarized later that night.

    1974/ Floyd was seen in Fairfax, Virginia. His sister believes he was living with his brother Billy and wife Betty.

    1974/ Floyd has said in this time, he helped to paint a large intricate mural on the ceiling of the Salt Lake City Utah Mormon Tabernacle.

    1974/ Franklin shows up at sister's residence in Sumpter, SC. Brother Billy is with him.

    1974/ Sister has said that someone, a friend of Floyd's, told her that he seen Franklin, with Sharon in Texas in late 1974.

    1973-1975 / Franklin may have sent a postcard in this time period from somewhere named Freedom Village.

    1973-1975/ Franklin obtains a little girl (who is now known as Sharon Marshall) from somewhere. Nobody to this day knows when he got her, where he got her, or from whom.

    1975/ Franklin begins to work in the Oklahoma school system under the alias Trenton Davis and later in August 1975 enrolls Sharon as his daughter "Suzanne Davis " at Wilson Elementary school.

    197Sister's Weston Connecticut house is sold and she moves into a Stamford, Connectut townhouse.

    1978 Trenton and Suzanne flee Oklahoma under allegations of child molestation by the babysitter. She told police Franklin was molesting his daughter.

    1978/ Franklin and Sharon are in Arizona where she is enrolled in a school called Sevilla or Sevalia.

    1979-1981/ The pair are in Louisville Kentucky

    ????/Sharon is enrolled in Northside High School

    May 1983/ Sharon is enrolled in Baldwin High School

    September 1983/ Sharon is enrolled in Riverdale High School

    November 1983/ Sharon is enrolled in Forrest Park High School in Georgia

    Sunday, July 15, 1984/ Sharon meets Jennifer Fisher at a summer leadership workshop in Rome, Georgia.

    1986/ Sharon graduates high school

    July 1986/Sharon and Franklin move to Phoenix Arizona.

    End of 1987 Franklin and Sharon leave Phoenix.

    1988/They are in Hillsborough County living in a mobile home park on 28th street near Cockroach Bay and later at the Town and Country Park in Valrico.

    March 21, 1988 Michael Anthony Hughes, Sharon's son is born http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1061dmok.html

    1988/ Franklin, Sharon and Michael are living at the Golden Lantern Trailer park at 7950 Park blvd. near Pinnellas Park. Sharon works at a club called The Mons Venus where she meets Cheryl Commesso.

    First week of April 1989/ Cheryll Commesso disappears.

    April 1989/ First week of April 1989/ Franklin murders Cheryl Commesso and dumps her body along I-275

    1989/ A warrant is placed on Franklin for insurance fraud, he is accused of drilling holes in the bottom of his boat to collect insurance money.

    April 7th/ Cheryl Comesso' red corvette is deposited at the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater airport/

    April 15, 1989/ Cheryl Commesso's corvette is found at the airport and impounded.

    May 1989/ Floyd and Sharon leave Tampa.

    June 15, 1989 Franklin and Sharon marry in New Orleans, under assumed aliases.

    June 16, 1989 / Floyd's trailor is set on fire in Tampa/

    August 1989-April 25/ Sharon is working at a club called Passions in Tulsa Oklahoma.

    April 25 1990/ Sharon is struck from behind by a vehicle, she is in the hospital for 5 days and then dies from her injuries.

    May 4, 1990 Sharon's funeral services are held at Ninde Chapel in Tulsa.

    May 17, Michael Hughes is officially declared a ward of the state.

    June 20 1990/Franklin is arrested near Augusta Georgia on a 1973 kidnapping charge. Franklin is incarcerated in a Georgia Federal prison for the kidnapping of Atlanta woman in 1973. Asks Rebecca Barr to marry him. Asks David Dial to retrieve his belongings from the trailer where he was arrested on Baron Chapel Road in Augusta, Georgia.

    September 11, 1990, Billy Floyd dies a suspicious death in Barnesville, Georgia.

    December 1990 ? Floyd is transferred from Georgia prison to El Reno Prison in Oklahoma.

    December 14, 1990/ Tommye's ex-husband's daughter is murdered in Dallas Texas.

    1991 / Convicted in Oklahoma on a federal charge of possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony.

    December 1992/ Court rules conclusively that Floyd is not Michael's biological son.

    March 30, 1993/ Released from Federal Corrections Facility at El Reno after 33 months. Living in halfway house.

    July 4th, 1994/ Attacks a woman at Northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex where he is working as a maintenance man.

    August 19, 1994/ Arrested for attack on . Is released on bond.

    Septmber 12, 1994/ Kidnaps Principal James Davis and Sharon's son Michael from a Choctaw, Oklahoma elementary school. ties principal to a tree and leaves with Michael. Nobody to this day knows the whereabouts of Michael Hughes.

    UNKNOWN DATE/ Commits carjacking in Atlanta and is charged with Five weapons possession charges, 2 counts of kidnapping and larceny of an automobile before he is ever even apprehended.

    September 21- September 29th / Franklin Floyd is a patient at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

    October 22, 1994/ Principal James Davis' truck is recovered in Love Field, Dallas, Texas at the Wonderbread Factory employee parking.

    November 10, 1994/ Franklin is arrested at a Kentucky car dealership where he has been working for 2 days for the kidnapping charges.

    March 29 1995/ A body (bones) found along I-275, later it is learned this is Cheryl Commesso.

    March 1995/ Pictures are found concealed above the gas tank of Davis' truck that depict children (including Sharon in pornographic and sexually suggestive poses, also found are pictures of a severely beaten Cheryl Comesso, some colored in with blood red to add to their eery "death effect."

    September 28, 2002/ Franklin is convicted of Cheryl Comesso's murder.

    2002- Present/ Franklin appealing murder conviction.
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    Something I don't get is why did the Feds wait 8 years after the event to prosecute Floyd for the September 27, 1963 escape attempt. He was in Federal custody for the bank robbery during 5 of those 8 years, if the escape attempt had been dealt with while he was in a Federal facility then maybe the State of Georgia would not have been obligated to ship him back to the Feds after he had served only 3 years on the child molestation conviction. The Federal charges were less serious and IMHO should not have taken precedence over the child molestation charge.

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    Dr. Doogie...Thank you for posting the above timeline..I have been following her story since it began here but somehow missed this...I didn't realize he spent time in Gainesville, Ga - I am only 20 minutes north of Gainesville and actually attend night school there.

    Oh and I just wanna say your sleuthing is extraordinary...I also follow the Anna story and daily look for a post by you to see what else you have discovered =)

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    taken seriously

    I want to know if WS and its members found information that can be used to solve or find someone establish identity the information is then given to....?
    and then what happens.....its just that I know some information however creditable is ignored over looked or not taken seriously if that were to happen what would take place then.....WS persons really finding something out then it just stops there! Are their persons in law enforcement that take anything that is investigated on WS as positive sleuthing.....
    As in the case of my son the family got right to the door with what we found and nothing ever came of it......

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    Question concerning time line the statement that aka Tonya Hughes died of her injury's after five days.....? Court TV and matt's book states that her injury was not conclusive to a hit and run and that cause of death was unknown and unsolved reason as to her death!
    this brother "Billy" of FDF that died under mysterious causes ? TOMMYS' X-HUSBAND.......Does anyone know just what happened surrounding the two deaths ?
    Does anyone see a pattern with these Mysterious deaths November,December,September....?????

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    Matt's book

    In the 'archieved' Sharon Marshall threads, there were numerous things that were later proven to be, different, than the book relayed. So please, as with all processes of 'investigation' do not focus on 'any one item' as verbatim, until it has been proven to be an 'absolute truth', via documentation.

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    Does anyone know more about Floyd's time spent in Connecticut in 1973?
    (according to the timeline he was seen in Weston, CT at his sister's house in 1973).

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    For reader knowledge

    The autopsies report for aka Tonya Hughes was in Matt's book that indicated cause of death not do to hit and run rather then unknown blunted or unknown force to the head.....the autopsies report in Sheryl re;Florida FDF,Murder case stated the same kind of injury.......???? Can anyone request an report? Do you believe Matt's book would have purposely omitted or added information concerning that the report....the court tv tape indicated the report for Sheryl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuffy101 View Post
    The autopsies report for aka Tonya Hughes was in Matt's book that indicated cause of death not do to hit and run rather then unknown blunted or unknown force to the head.....the autopsies report in Sheryl re;Florida FDF,Murder case stated the same kind of injury.......???? Can anyone request an report? Do you believe Matt's book would have purposely omitted or added information concerning that the report....the court tv tape indicated the report for Sheryl
    Call the coroner's office and ask them if you can request one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sister View Post
    Does anyone know more about Floyd's time spent in Connecticut in 1973?
    (according to the timeline he was seen in Weston, CT at his sister's house in 1973).
    This is one of the factoids discovered by the woman who assembled the timeline. The information came from Floyd's sister. This would have been at the start of his flight from justice (the second half of 1973). This would be of even greater interest if Janice Pocket had not been ruled out by DNA.
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    omg all this reaserch and i always thought floyd was never in ct. at one point janice was a strong match for sharon but was rulled out by dna i wonder where weston is i know its not anywhere near where i live in ct. there was another case of a women who was found in ct behind a bradlys parking lot i wonder if floyd has a connection to her.

    weston is located in fairfield county closer to ny, the distance to tolland from fairfield is at least an hr to and hr and a half. wikpida also named it a very afulentual town

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    Quote Originally Posted by smile22 View Post
    there was another case of a women who was found in ct behind a bradlys parking lot i wonder if floyd has a connection to her.

    That is interesting. If I remember correctly she was wrapped in painter's plastic too.

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