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    I think the cases are connected

    I don't think the Wilde and Chuprevich cases are connected. The women disappeared five years apart, they were a decade apart in age, not the same race, etc. Furthermore, one of Chuprevich's relatives seems to be the prime suspect in her case, whereas it seems like the police think Wilde's boyfriend was involved in her case. Unless the boyfriend is also Chuprevich's stepson-in-law I don't see where the similaries come in. The only common factors are missing women, the state of Wisconsin and the way their cars were both found abandoned at bar parking lots.
    Anyone able to connect (Karl W.) McLeod with the Morrison area or southeastern Brown County is asked to call the Brown Sheriff’s Department at (920) 448-4226, Sanborn said. Investigators are trying to establish if McLeod had connections to people or property in that area.

    Greenleaf, WI is 5.7 miles west of Morrison, WI. Online address records show a Gilbert G. McLeod lived in Greenleaf, WI. I don't know the exact street address where Gilbert G. McLeod lived in Greenleaf, but if the BCSD were to find out and interview the neighbors maybe they could determine whether Karl McLeod also lived at that residence. That residence could also be where both women were taken. Who knows what evidence could be found there? Wilde's remains possibly?

    Chuprevich’s remains were found near County Rd ZZ & County Rd N which is located near Copperstown Swamp just east of Morrison, WI.

    That's a connection establishing that McLeod had connections to people or property in that area.

    They also show him as having lived at 133 S. Fisk St., Green Bay, WI and 212 Woodlawn Ave., Green Bay, WI. Those are also the same previous addresses of Karl W. McLeod and links the fact that they both lived together at one time. I don't know what their family ties are.

    That's a connection showing they knew each other.

    Both women's vehicles were found at local taverns. One didn't go to bars and the other was recently in an accident and had a bad headache and likely wasn't in the mood to drink.

    "Authorities found her car a week after she vanished in the parking lot of a sports bar near Lambeau Field. Her purse was in the trunk, and the keys were in the ignition with the driver's seat rolled back - too far, they say, for Wilde to have been able to reach the pedals."
    Online address records show that Gilbert G. McLeod also once lived at 1378 Suburban Ave., Green Bay, WI, which is several blocks from the unnamed tavern parking lot on the south side of Lombardi Access Rd by Lambeau Field where Wilde's car was found.

    This is another connection showing that Gilbert and/or Karl McLeod could have parked Wilde's car at the bar and walked the several blocks home.

    "Areerat Chuprevich’s Jeep Liberty was found April 28, 2003 locked and parked in the lot of St. Michael’s Pub on Riverside Drive in Allouez, a few blocks from the Mariner Motel where she lived with her husband. Described as a quiet, hardworking woman trying to learn English, Chuprevich didn’t frequent bars."
    There are too many coincidences to ignore and pass off as unrelated. Ages and races of victims don't really matter to rapists and killers. Killer rapists can go for decades before they are caught, so 5-6 years between the two cases are irrelevant.

    The only difference in the two cases were that the keys and purse were left in Wilde's car but were missing from Chuprevich's car. That doesn't necessarily make the cases unrelated to each other.

    The Wilde and Chuprevich home addresses were only 4 miles from each other on the same side of town.

    My online sources were derived from:

    Online newspaper articles and missing person reports
    Google maps
    Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

    The Google map link below shows (takes 15 seconds to load):

    2222 Riverside Dr #2, Allouez, WI = Chuprevich motel address
    2000 August St, Green Bay, WI = Wilde apartment block address
    1539 Riverside Dr, Allouez, WI‎ = Chuprevich car found
    1265 Lombardi Ave, Ashwaubenon, WI = Stadium address apprx Wilde car found (unnamed tavern parking lot on the south side of Lombardi Access Rd)
    1378 Suburban Ave, Green Bay, WI = Gilbert McLeod previous address
    Morrison, WI = Chuprevich remains found County ZZ & County N (by Copperstown Swamp) Greenleaf is just west of Morrison, WI on Hy 96 on map and is previous town where Gilbert McLeod once lived.
    133 S Fisk St, Green Bay, WI = previous address of Gilbert & Karl McLeod
    212 Woodlawn, Green Bay, WI = previous address of Gilbert & Karl McLeod

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    The primary suspect was Karl McLeod, who committed suicide by hanging while in a prison facility in Oshkosh on May 16, 2006. McLeod was Chuprevich's step son-in-law.

    While the case might appear to be closed, Gossage said it is not.

    "Anyone with any information tying Areerat Chuprevich or Karl McLeod to the southern region of Brown County, it would be very helpful for Brown County investigators to have this information," Gossage said.

    McLeod had no ties to the Morrison area that detectives know of. He lived on an old farm in the Town of Pensaukee in Oconto County.

    The person who buried a body in the thickly wooded marsh likely has ties to the Morrison area, according to Capt. Jeff Sanborn, the county's top investigator.
    "Somebody usually, if they do dump a corpse, percentages are that they dump them in a place that they're familiar with themselves," Sanborn said. "That's why we're asking for help from the community that can link Karl McLeod or the family to the southern end of Brown County and why he would possibly have gone there."

    Sanborn said the case is not closed. He said someone in addition to McLeod could have been involved in the murder or in the disposal of the body.
    "Nothing limits this to just one person being involved," Sanborn said. "We are going back to reinterview people we interviewed back in 2003."

    He said the investigation would focus on determining if anyone else was involved in the Chuprevich murder and if McLeod might have been responsible for other unsolved missing persons cases.

    The grave was on an 80-acre tract of low-lying woodlands owned by the Jo Ann Hogan Marital Trust, according to Brown County online property tax records.

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    This month will mark 12 years that Amber has been missing. Come home soon.

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    This case is extremely close to home & to my heart as where I live currently is nearby the area where they found Amber's car. I hope the case is closed very soon so some of our minds are at ease.

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    Police Set to Release Update on Missing Woman Case from 1998


    By Cassandra Duvall
    CREATED SEP. 20, 2013

    GREEN BAY -- Green Bay Police are shedding new light on the 15 year-old cold case involving Amber Wilde, who went missing on September 23, 1998.

    On Monday, police and Wilde's family will meet to talk about new information surrounding the case.

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    15 years later, search for answers in Amber Wilde case continues

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    Campbellsport woman's family seeks leads, closure

    No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. - 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NIV)

    We are all one poor choice from being a subject on this forum. Think twice.

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    Police obtained a warrant and are searching 30 acres in Portage county

    http://www.thenorthwestern.com/story...lues/18544611/ [/URL]
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    Portage County site searched for Amber Wilde clues

    No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. - 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NIV)

    We are all one poor choice from being a subject on this forum. Think twice.

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    WSAW TV Channel 7's article states:

    The Green Bay Police Department says a search related to the disappearance of a woman missing since 1998 is being conducted in Portage County near Waupaca. Investigators were searching an area near Durant Road north of Highway 54 Wednesday afternoon.

    The Green Bay Press Gazette also stated:

    Police said the search involved an area that had been searched in 2000, but were not releasing further details. The property is owned by a relative of a person who knew Wilde, the official said.

    Does anyone know the name of the property owner? Below is an updated Wisconsin serial killer map (the map is running out of room to put names on) to reflect this new development and these cases are discussed at WS's WI WI - Tanna Togstad & Timothy Mumbrue, Weyauwega, 21 Mar 1992, Stabbed to Death


    Actually, I pretty much discuss this case with just myself. Since I mentioned the words "serial killer" everybody done run off.

    Does anyone know the name of the property owner?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    According to WBAY, detectives are reviewing information from the case but have released no new details on what was found during the search. According to WBAY, Sarah Thomsen of Action 2 News has covered the case for years. Thomsen was present when investigators were searching the property and stated that there were about 20 detectives from the Green Bay Police Department and State Crime Lab on the scene.

    Todd Thomas, Captain of the GBPD, said that they can’t disclose what they were looking for or what information led them there but that this time, science is on their side according to WBAY and the Green Bay Press Gazette.

    “There’s been tremendous advances in the technology field as far as collecting evidence… DNA collection, some other forms of evidence collection, so we’re taking advantage of those now,” said Thomas in an interview with WBAY.

    According to the Star Tribune, police issued a statement on Thursday, Nov. 6 saying their search had concluded and that no further information would be released.

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    "Never-ending heartbreak"


    Ehnert, who lives in the small community of Colgate northwest of Milwaukee, laments the fact that Wilde is still missing. But she is pleased that the investigation into her disappearance is not at a standstill. Green Bay police are taking a renewed look at the case.

    "They seem genuinely driven to get this case solved," Ehnert said. "It's really a good feeling. (Detectives) contacted us about a month ago, and even something simple like that means so much. They really want to do something with this and they are trying hard."

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    LE identifies possible suspect in case, a MS, who seems to be AW's unborn child's father. Looks like there was a disagreement on terminating the pregnancy.


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    1998 Wisconsin cold case - Amber Wilde disappearance - reopened as murder
    The Associated Press is not naming the man because he has not been charged. The documents, filed a year ago, include a subpoena and affidavit for his cellphone records. The documents also classify the case as a first degree intentional homicide investigation; it had previously been considered a missing persons case.

    Investigators previously indicated they believed foul play was involved, but this is the first time they’ve made that statement in legal documents that have been public.


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    “We were surprised:” Missing person case in Wisconsin now being investigated as murder

    it appears the police see the father of Amber's unborn child as a person of interest.


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